MVP just in 5 weeks
How YouTeam helped Vango, a kid-friendly driving service, to find a dedicated team for MVP development before their YC Demo Day
In our today's busy world, rides-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have become irreplaceable helpers, whether we need to get to the meeting or pick up a friend from the airport. And while we may have used a rides-sharing service plenty of times, are they a safe option for kids to get to the places they want?

Michael Leskin, a YouTeam client and the founder of a ride-sharing service called Vango, came with the request to build the application similar to Uber but for kids only.
Who we need
The client had an idea for an app and a really tight deadline – just 5 weeks – to deliver a working ridesharing app from the scratch.
Essential qualities:
What we offer
Working from a Berlin Pixie Labs office, expect to play a key role within a highly passionate agency who delivers stunning insight for an array of global brands.
International work experience
At Peppermint, we work on our projects worldwide, with best people from all over the world.
Support to young talent
We know how hard it can be to get noticed for a young specialist and try to provide everyone with an equal opportunity.
Stable income
The reward system based on quality, not quantity. We review regularly to keep up with everyone.
Health care
Medical insurance, gym membership, and sport activities are free to all Peppermint employees.
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